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Inspired by the love of stickers and the love of graffiti we put the two together to bring you GRAFFNAMES. This site is for the many that love graffiti (known these days as "street art") and want to help active artists of its culture grow as working professionals. We are NYC natives, muralists and creative artists chasing the dream. Our hand styles are our fingerprints, expressing our own individuality as artists while also reflecting the region and culture we come from (graffiti styles vary from city to city.)

Every tag you buy is custom-made; no duplicate art is used (for all of you with the same name). Though some similarity may be found due to our style of writing - each name is fresh out of the creative minds of our in-house and featured artists minds straight to your hands.

Follow our Instagram and Twitter page to find out where we will be and visit us in person around the 5 boroughs.