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Graffiti Sticker On A Spray Paint Can - NEW CAN

  • $ 5000

These cans are ready to rock and roll! You can use them or keep them on standby.

Get your custom graffiti name put on one of our stock cans. You will receive one brand new, random color can with your name placed on the can how we see fit. We cannot guarantee what color, cap size or brand you will receive. We pretty much just use whatever colors we plan on using on a mural. These cans have not been emptied out. All of these cans will carry a special story behind them - it's up to you to make history with them!

5 letters max on these orders! 

Items in this order are as follows:

1. One (1) new spray paint can

2. One (1) custom graffiti name sticker (choose color number from photo)

3. Possibly one (1) spray cap

A note about the cans you are about to purchase - please read!

These cans have not been emptied out, so there is a full can loaded with paint and full pressure inside each package, please use caution as we are not responsible for damaged items due to misuse/placement of this item.


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