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Writer - BA ONE

  • $ 10000

Every month GRAFFNAMES hosts a new graffiti writer. Each order placed will be sent to the featured artist to prepare for you. This is your chance to own a custom piece by your favorite graffiti / street artist!

Same rules apply as all of our items. Just type the name you want drawn in the order notes (in your cart), choose your color and we will send your info to our featured writer to draft your custom graffiti tag right away.

Every name is drawn for each order and will not be used for someone else with the same name. Each tag name will be done fresh per order!

Sizes vary depending on name. A three-letter name will measure roughly 5 x 7 inches.


A few words on BA ONE from the Artist himself

I am a graffiti writer from queens that started writing in 1993. The idea of where I wanted to go with graffiti was to become "All City" a term for writers when they've painted across all 5 boroughs. After I had achieved that task I wanted to see my name everywhere. I spent 20 years painting illegally. I retired from painting illegally in 2013 and decided to paint legal work in which I have been doing for the past 2 years. There are several things you must master when you are a graffiti artist. For me the first is a "hand style". In graffiti culture this is a representation of your name. It is also the quickest way to get up and takes only moments to do. Next is "outlines". A bubble letter outline of only one color. Next is "throw-ups" or "fillins" these are multi-color bubble letters of your name often found on trucks, building walls, or tunnels. I stopped at this point I didn't try to do "wild style" names because it wasn't in my scope. I was known as a bomber and I stuck to that style.

You can follow BA ONE via Instagram @yourfavoritewriter and shop at ILLYORKCITY


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